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High security palisade fencing in Geelong

Palisade fencing is a popular choice for businesses wanting added security around the perimeter of their office, warehouse or factory. Along with our monitored pulse fencing, Geelong businesses commonly choose palisade fencing when they prioritise security.

Palisade fencing provides a long lasting, low maintenance and high security perimeter barrier that is ideal for large areas, commonly used by industrial businesses and schools.

Discount Fencing Geelong can install a large range of palisade fencing options that will ensure your business or school is well protected from intruders. These types of fences are near impossible  to climb and the majority of people would never try, making them a fantastic option for school yards and areas with high crime rates.

This type of fence also looks professional and a lot more aesthetically pleasing than many other types of security fencing. While remaining secure, it doesn’t completely block the view from inside or outside the perimeter boundary.

Contact Discount Fencing Geelong to find out more about our palisade fences. We also have a large range of other security fencing options available, palisade fencing is also a popular option to be used along with automatic steel gates.


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