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Monitored Pulse Fencing, Geelong

Discount Fencing installs monitored pulse fencing for Geelong businesses, and is a proud channel partner of Gallagher. We utilise their state-of-the-art perimeter security system, which is one of the most effective forms of perimeter protection available.

Gallagher monitored pulse fences deliver safe and controlled energised pulses that last only a millisecond – enough to give a potential intruder a fright and deter them from making a second attempt on the fence.

Gallagher is recognised as an award winning industry leader in the design and development of perimeter systems that deliver first rate safety and security, their monitored pulse energised fencing systems embody everything people have come to expect from this brand, and Discount Fencing are proud to be able to provide these systems to people in the Geelong area.

Gallaghers Pulse Fencing solutions installed by Discount Fencing provide businesses with the following benefits:

  • Deterrence – warning signs, psychological deterrent.
  • Detection – system activation & de-activiation, removes the risk of deterrent pulse to customers and staff while protecting the site outside of working hours.¬† The ability to activate based on zone provides the flexibility to turn areas on or off as needed.
  • Monitoring and reporting – System will report on its status and advise any zones that need checking, eliminating the need for manual inspection.
  • Safety and compliance¬†– Gallagher products are tested to ensure that when correctly installed, there is no effect on electronic devices such as mobile phones, hearing aids or radios.

If you’re interested in taking measures to ensure your business’s perimeter is highly secure, then we recommend you consider our automatic steel gates made in Geelong.

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